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The "Evolution Room" will house several EVOLVE-style workouts throughout the day. EVOLVE workouts are daily full-body workouts varying from a cardio style workout to slower, more strength-specific workouts all in a safe, high-energy, group-based environment. These are trainer-led group workouts with modifications available to meet all fitness and age levels. Every day and every workout will be different to help you achieve and EVOLVE your fitness and wellness goals.


























Yoga (vinyasa style) is offered on a weekly basis by Lynda Goodwin, a certified yoga instructor. Yoga improves strength, balance, flexibility and so much more!

Yoga classes will be included in your Evolve Workout membership or can be used as a credit if you purchased a package/group of workouts.


These workouts are geared more toward our retired community members who are looking to get into a routine to stay active and improve their lifestyle! This will be a great opportunity to work at your own comfort level with simple and easy-to-learn movements while enjoying interactions with other participants.

These trainer-led group workouts will be held in our Evolution Room. Every day will be a different workout that hits all the main muscle groups to strengthen and exercise all muscles to improve your overall fitness and wellness.

No need to sign up online, just show up ready to go - every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9:30 am in the Evolution Room.

$5 per workout.

We are offering specific youth fitness training for all kid’s grades 5-12. This is a crucial age for athletes to start acclimating their bodies to specific performance training which will prevent injury and improve their overall athleticism.


All sports require strength, power, speed, and agility - these are key components that all work together to make any athlete successful. We have the equipment, the facility, and the knowledge to help any student-athlete improve on these skills.

Natalie Rethman and Erin Siefring will be training and leading these workouts, they will consist of the following:

  • 1st 30 minutes: we will focus on full-body strength training exercises that will take place in the Evolution Room.

  • 2nd 30 minutes: we will focus on specific training to improve speed, agility, coordination, footwork, and jumping and this will take place in our gym and turf area.

  • We will finish with static stretching for an effective full-body workout.

The classes will be offered ONLY on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:45-4:45 pm (1 hour). These workouts will be a "come and go" as much or as little as you want! 

We have monthly membership options and individual workout pass options available. These are ideal "after-school" workouts for any students that may be in their "off-season", or someone that wants "self-improvement" and to stay active and healthy! Once you've purchased a membership or passes, you can sign up for classes HERE.




*Individualized Exercise Programs + Personal Training: 

Sara offers individualized exercise programs tailored to

each person's needs and goals.

*Neurosomatic Therapy: Specific massage therapy to

help with ailments such as migraines, headaches, postural imbalances and dysfunction, lower back pain and sciatic

issues, shoulder, and sports injuries.

Please contact Sara Puthoff directly to book an appointment:

Natalie Rethman, LMT
*Individualized Exercise Programs + Personal Training:

Natalie offers postural assessments for specialized

exercise programs and personal training here at The Edge

Sports Complex.

*Massage Therapy: Natalie is a licensed medical massage

therapist (LMT) to help muscle health and recovery.

Please contact Natalie directly to book an appointment:


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